Fierce Music Productions is my service that provides  music for audio libraries, commercial audio and media projects. The idea was conceived in 2015 by myself,  Charlie Cruickshank, a writer, performer and producer of music. Named Fierce for two reasons. Firstly as a statement of fortitude because of the embodiment of mixing style full, colourful and executed with conviction. Secondly as an acknowledgement of how tough competition can be in a skilled profession such as this.

After leaving Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge studying a degree in popular music in 2003, I went on to perform as a guitarist and vocalist. Having played in both original and cover bands I then worked as a sound engineer locally in some of Cambridge's biggest live venues such as The Boatrace, The Junction and the Corn exchange.

Music has always been in my blood.  My grandmother was a well known piano teacher in Cambridge and both of my parents were classically trained at Trinity College of Music London. My mother an opera singer and understudy to  the world famous Dame Kiri ti Kitanawa and my father a multi instrumentalist with a fondness for jazz.

Now based in Essex and the director of Fierce Music Productions, I am focused on my other passion of sound compostion and helping those who need these services . I work form not only an Producers perspective but also that of a musician and feel it can only provide a good solid foundation of first hand experience and knowledge. This can only benefitclients when understanding what they need, when they need it.

Now a member of the Music Producers Guild I am securing a host of clients and always looking for interesting diverse projects that fit the simple ethos of my service fierce music productions-

"Your passion is our passion".